Tuition and Fees

Kingswood believes that the education we provide is invaluable for the growth and development of children of all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. Kingswood provides many opportunities for financial assistance, including sibling discounts, new student discounts, referral discounts, and financial aid.

Sibling Discount is available to families with multiple children at Kingswood.

Discounts are subject to change each school year.  

Financial Aid is available to all families who qualify and only to their children enrolled in a 5-full day program.


To apply for Financial Aid:

All families must apply through Empower IL (APPLY here)

–If you do not qualify through Empower IL then apply through TADS.  To apply through TADS, contact the school office


Questions about Empower IL or how to apply…Click here

Private Tours

Call 630-887-1411 option 4

Shadow Visit

We highly recommend and invite the prospective student to spend part or a full day at Kingswood while school is in session.

We look forward to meeting you!

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