Kingswood Academy is an independent Catholic school within the Joliet Diocese, serving students in pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. The central mission of Kingswood Academy is to aid parents in fulfilling their role as the primary educators of their children by providing for their moral, spiritual, and intellectual formation. In its educational programs, Kingswood Academy strives to provide an environment of academic excellence, good character formation, and respect for the dignity of each person. Kingswood Academy assists parents to cultivate the human virtues and develop a strong moral character in their children so that they become competent, responsible men and women who live by Christian principles. Kingswood Academy adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church and emphasizes the philosophy of the laity.


The children at Kingswood Academy are our treasure, and that is where our heart is. Each child is unique, and our goal is to be a supportive resource for parents in helping their children reach their fullest potential. Kingswood provides a unique family atmosphere combined with a time-tested classically based curriculum, outstanding teachers, and individualized attention. All of these features are rooted in the Catholic faith so that we teach the whole child – academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The Kingswood Academy shield represents the goals and ideals with which the school was founded

  • The tree is indicative of fortitude and resilience.  The Academy hopes to endow the children with the strength to weather the storms they may face later in life.
  • The rose is the symbol of love, and it is the love of God and the love of our children which have guided us in founding this school. The rose’s symmetry and beauty evoke the perfect balance of supernatural and human virtues for which we strive. 
  • The lighted candle reminds us of the lights of faith and wisdom that Kingswood Academy hopes to enkindle in the students’ hearts.
  • The open book symbolizes the desire for our children to always seek the truth in their quest for knowledge.