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Kingwood offers a rigorous classical education focused on educating the whole person. Each child is taught in an encouraging atmosphere where respect, responsibility, reverence, and independence are cultivated. This creates a safe environment where children can share, explore, question, and develop a love for learning. Our students learn not only academic material, they learn how to work hard, think critically, and develop an appreciation for the beauty, goodness, and truth of creation. Children are taught to realize who they are and their role in the world, so they can better serve society. Central to the school's mission is the partnership in education that exists between the parents and the faculty. We partner with parents to cultivate academic excellence and human virtues, inspiring each child to become a leader who lives by Christian principals. 

How we implement the Mission Our approach is parents first, then teachers, and then students, in that order. First, we work closely with parents to help form the children entrusted to them, so they can better form them intellectually, morally, and spiritually. This is done through a number of formative parent enrichment events throughout the year, sponsored by the Kingswood Academy Parent Association (KAPA). Second, we work closely with the teachers who are the instruments at school of implementing the mission. Faculty formation occurs on Wednesdays, on a weekly basis. Both parents and teachers work together, to help students develop in to the persons they were created to be. 

Building character through education.....One child at a time  We view parents as the primary educators of their children, and our faculty and staff work closely with parents so that together we help each student grow into virtuous men and women. Our emphasis on character has led us to remain smaller in class size. Our average teacher to student ratio is 1:10.

Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds We offer 3 and 4 year olds a Montessori-based education. The Montessori program dovetails beautifully into the mission of the school. The Montessori Method of education is the culmination of lifelong research conducted by Maria Montessori of the young child. The classroom is designed to complement the child’s natural development and meet the need for both order and freedom. A trained guide encourages each child’s growth as an independent problem solver in individual as well as group work. 

Grade School - Kindergarten through 5th grades The elementary grades at Kingswood focus on a traditional classical curriculum. Children focus on core subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, history, and science. They are taught to apply the knowledge they learn across all content areas developing a deeper understanding of the material. At Kingswood children are taught skills and strategies to increase their love of learning and to be successful. Each year students build upon the skills and knowledge they learned the previous year. Education of the whole person is the focus of Kingswood. Children are encouraged to seek a relationship with Our Lord not only through daily religion classes, but through attending weekly Mass and Adoration. 

Middle School - Grades 6 to 8  To prepare the students for high school as well as to shape our culture, we envision and develop leaders of self-mastery and confident self-giving using an inter-disciplinary approach. Writing skills are strengthened across all areas of the curriculum, including monthly writing assessments of different forms, literature essays on themes and analyses of character developments, historical perspective responses, and the formal science fair paper and projects. A variety of grammar Greek and Latin roots, and vocabulary of all concentrations are studied. The students’ analytical and logic skills are challenged through a solid math curriculum in conjunction with the practice of diagramming to evaluate the interplay of words in sentences. Their presentation skills are practiced through the science fair, poetry recitals, and Shakespeare plays, saint fair oral presentations, and historical presentations. The Religion and Character curriculum serve as a foundation for the spreading of a culture of virtue and growth as a whole person and to encourage service and consideration of others, especially our younger students while using their initiative as a daughter or son of God.

Our faculty This education of the whole person requires much more than merely capable classroom instructors. We employ caring and dedicated teachers who personally live the school's mission, modeling virtue and high standards. The teachers are role models, hired not only for their abilities as instructors, but for their character; they are the role models our students see for what it means to be a virtuous person. Additionally, the advantage of our small class sizes allow them to get to know each of their student's talents and to assist in each student's academic and personal growth. Our acclaimed Character Education program is integrated into every subject taught.  

Academic excellence  I encourage you to read our Mission and Philosophy section, to understand our approach to education. Our classical education curriculum includes many of the great works of Western Civilization; introducing them to the "Great Minds" in history and great literary classics. Students are challenged to think critically and develop strong capabilities in writing and speaking. Additionally, we offer a strong Math and Science curriculum with our 8th graders consistently making it to the State Science Fair, and many earning gold medals. Music and fine arts classes are offered as part of the curriculum. 

Advising   Our one-on- one advising program collaborates with parents of our 5th through 8th graders. The adult advisor, serving as a role model, mentors and coaches the student in three main areas: academics, spirituality and forming friendships. While fostering interior freedom, monthly concrete goals are set. This part serves as the mortar for the construction of the student’s understanding of our character education program.

Our Sports and Extra-Curriculars Our athletic coaches and extra-curricular instructors deliberately use these activities as means of developing virtue in their students. We offer a variety of sports. Currently, we have boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball teams. In the past, Kingswood has participated in soccer, volleyball, and track and field. We also have Chess Club and Writing Club. We offer a strong arts program with musical and drama productions. Band (Band for Today) is offered during the school day, for students who wish to participate in Band. All of these experiences play a major role in forming a child and helping them develop particular interests in the world around them.  

Fostering a Spirit of Service  Part of a well rounded education involves helping students develop a spirit of service. Throughout the school year, students make regular visits to nursing homes to play Bingo with the residents. Students also have spear-headed food drives, clothing drives, shoe drives, water drives, etc., for those in need or victims of natural disasters. Every year in the spring, families are invited to participate in Feed My Starving Children where food is packed to be shipped to third world countries. 

A Christian spirit   We offer a full curriculum in the Catholic Faith, with daily Religion class, weekly Mass (at times twice a week), opportunity for Confession, and talks by priests and lay members on pertinent topics that relate to their spiritual lives and the current challenges in society. As important, is the powerful example provided by our faculty and staff of living a cheerful life with a Christian spirit. Our website will help you learn more about Kingswood, and I hope you find it helpful. We invite you to come and visit our campus so you can experience first-hand, a Kingswood education.

Thank you for visiting our website! Lilliam Civantos Co-Founder and Interim Principal

Kingswood Academy

assists parents to cultivate the human virtues and develop a strong moral character in their children by providing an environment of academic excellence, good character formation and respect for the dignity of each person so that they become leaders who live by Catholic principles. Kingswood is an independent school serving students from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.


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