Kingswood’s Beginnings

Our story…
In 1996, three enterprising families with high ideals set out to start a school that would help us educate our children. We wanted a school that would assist parents in their fundamental role as the primary educators of their children, to help form them intellectually, morally, and spiritually, with the ultimate end of getting to heaven.

We noticed that some schools provided good academics and good spiritual formation, but not many emphasized character and the moral development of the child. Kingswood Academy was designed with all three in mind – aiming to educate the whole person intellectually, morally, and spiritually. So we established a school that had outstanding academics with a classically based curriculum where children are taught critical thinking skills based on the teachings of the Catholic faith. They learn to remember that they are always in the presence of God, and learn to do their work for His glory. This aspect of the mission filters through the whole curriculum.

We also noticed that the partnership between home and school needs to be strong.  In order to fulfill this aim, we provide regular parent programs in a variety of ways, including family conferences, mothers’ exchanges addressing particular parenting topics, etc. Parallel to parent formation is teacher formation. We hold weekly in-services for teachers, helping them grow professionally as well as personally, so they are well equipped to work with parents in helping them implement the school’s mission. All of these efforts strengthen the partnership in education between the parents and teachers.

The first year we started, we had 19 students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Currently, we host a full staff from a Montessori pre-school through eighth grade, with the junior high being departmentalized where teachers teach their areas of expertise. Our families come from the entire Chicagoland area, which currently includes over 20 suburbs.

The profile of a Kingswood graduate is a person that is both successful and virtuous. We aim to form responsible men and women who live by Christian principles. Our graduates are accepted to and excel at top high schools and universities. After 22 years since it’s inception, we are seeing the fruits of a Kingswood education as our alumni return wanting to give to the younger generations what they received years back.

It is with great joy and pleasure that I welcome you to the Kingswood family!

Lilliam Civantos, MA
Co-Founder and Former Principal

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