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In realizing and facing the facts of current negative societal “norms”, Kingswood Academy is very much
needed in forming our students and aiding families to help confront and counter issues that we face such
as moral relativism, individualism, loss of “universal norms”, and cultural decline. By enhancing and
strengthening our Classical Curriculum using the Core Knowledge Sequence and our virtue-based
program, Kingswood students will thrive in growing in the truth, goodness and beauty that God has
At Kingswood Academy, we provide an environment where each student feels appreciated, respected,
valued, protected and loved. An environment such as this helps students become the best version of
themselves in school and beyond the doors of Kingswood. In creating this environment, the teachers are
continually trained and enlightened to the concepts of Classical Education through an effective study
program from Classical Academic Press with Dr. Christopher Perrin and other experts in the field, along
with continuing formation in our faith and Christian virtues.
Some strategies that are used in the classroom are below:
Memorization: All grade levels continually memorize poems, songs, prayers and more.
Book Read A Louds: All grade levels use the strategy of read a louds in class and at home, which are
essential and vital for the students’ learning in literature.
Thumbs Up: A program designed for the Principal and teacher to meet one on one, bi-weekly to discuss
each of the teachers’ students in academics, behavior, and emotional, social and physical development.
Brain Based Learning: Staff will have constant training in the use research in Brain Based Learning,
enabling the teacher to use strategies that are best suited for their students.
Additional courses beginning this year include:
Logic: Eighth grade students will study the common fallacies in arguments and how to use them
Latin: The study of Latin will begin in January 2019.
Nature Study: Students will be exposed to more studies that include nature throughout the curriculum.
As a faculty, we continually work to improve what is already successfully being taught and studied. Our
hope is to increase the parent participation focus groups that will increase an understanding of classical
education and how we can work together to improve our children’s opportunity to be successful and to
become beautiful human beings.
Thank you again for visiting our website. Feel free to contact me for more information on our school.
In God’s peace,
Glenn Purpura

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