Message from the Board of Directors


We would like to thank you for your interest in Kingswood Academy’s unique investment offering. We invite you to partner with Kingswood in forming the strong Catholic young adults of tomorrow who will be leaven in the world and will contribute to the Holy Father’s call to re-Christianize our culture. We believe that investing in Catholic education for our young people is the best investment opportunity for reasons well beyond the return on investment. A Catholic education is critical to developing virtuous children with a strong intellect and character who will grow to the young adults of tomorrow to lead inspiring Christian lives.

The primary goal of Kingswood Academy is to assist parents in the educational and character formation of their children. The students who have graduated from Kingswood are very well prepared for the academic rigors of high school, but more importantly, Kingswood students have a strong character grounded in the Catholic faith and the classical virtues. This Christian formation is critical for students entering young adulthood as they face the various challenges of university life, the working world, and building solid Christian families.

There is a great need for a place like Kingswood for our future. There are many Catholic parishes in the western suburbs that have schools with waiting lists or no school at all. Kingswood offers parents a high quality academic education for their children with individual attention given the small class size. But more importantly, Kingswood provides excellent Christian character formation grounded in the Catholic faith. Kingswood offers this Catholic faith based education with extensive involvement by parents. The school aims to provide an education continuum between home and school. At Kingswood, there is a strong family spirit and very dedicated and skilled faculty resulting in an excellent learning environment for the children to grow.

We believe that Kingswood provides children with strong academics and a solid knowledge of the Catholic faith that will provide them with the foundation to be virtuous and holy children. A Kingswood education will instill the children with character formation that will last a lifetime. The children at Kingswood are our treasure, and that is where our heart is. We hope that you will agree that investing your treasure in Kingswood Academy to develop virtuous children who will grow to be the strong Catholic young adults of tomorrow is the best investment you can make.

Very truly yours,

Kingswood Academy Board of Directors