Kingswood Academy is an independent school serving grades PreK-3 through 8.

The central mission of Kingswood is:

  • to aid parents in fulfilling their role as the primary educators of their children
  • develop the moral, spiritual and intellectual formation of the children
  • provide an environment of academic excellence, good character formation and respect for the dignity of each person
  • assist parents to cultivate human virtues and develop a strong moral character in their children

Our goal is that Kingswood students become competent and responsible men and women who live by Christian principles.  We adhere to the teaching of the Catholic Church and emphasize the philosophy of the laity. For more information on what this means, please click here...


Parents As the Primary Educators

At Kingswood, we believe that parents are the primary educators of their own children. We are here to reinforce your beliefs and assist you in this goal. To learn more, please click here...