Kingswood Curriculum


Kingswood Academy is dedicated to the academic, moral, physical, and spiritual formation of our students. We provide challenging academics through a classical curriculum in a morally sound and spiritually enriching environment.

Kingswood Academy’s curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, a set of high academic standards developed by E.D. Hirsch. Kingswood uses high quality texts to facilitate learning. Quality curriculum, however, is much more than a set of books and standards, it is something that comes to life in the hands of highly qualified teachers. Kingswood teachers meet each child where they are and encourage them to achieve their highest academic potential.

Kingswood Academy supports parents as the primary educators of their children. We hope that you will be very involved with your child’s education.  Your help is necessary for your child to reach his or her fullest potential. The Curriculum Summary should help you work with your children and make it easier to talk with the teacher about their progress.

What is Classical Curriculum?

  • teaches a student how to think and reason critically
  • provides a substantive base of knowledge, resulting in a well-rounded, culturally literate individual
  • uses history from ancients to moderns as its organizing theme
  • emphasizes learning through written and spoken words instead of through images (pictures and videos)
  • requires the mind to work harder because of its language based learning


Kingswood's staff and teachers educate your children using a classical curriculum. To find out more about what this means, please click here...