Character Education


Virtue-based character education

Virtues are good habits, acquired through practice and effort.

A key aspect of Kingswood’s philosophy is helping our students grow in virtue: to be the best persons they can be.  Natural virtues empower an individual to become a more complete person. It is the growth in virtue that leads to the development of competent, responsible, considerate and committed people.

How our Character Education Program works: 

  • Each month there is a school-wide virtue featured in the curriculum
  • Each grade has a pertinent sub-virtue that is level appropriate on which they focus
  • These virtues are then incorporated into the daily curriculum and discussed during homeroom
  • We believe that “catching” a student doing good is a positive and attractive way to encourage virtuous behavior. When an adult or a fellow student notices a student living one of the virtues, they can write on a leaf how that person lived the virtue. All the virtue leaves are put on the virtue tree and we watch how the tree and our students grow.
  • At the end of each quarter, when the report cards are distributed, the principal will present a Virtue Achievement Award to those students who have achieved 3 or less check marks on their report card in the Character Development columns. This award will be the culmination of positive affirmations the student has earned for the quarter.

Character Education Scope and Sequence

The following table illustrates the principles emphasized in our classes on a yearly basis.

  Pre-K K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Politeness Manners Courtesy Greeting Others Friendship/ Forgiveness Teamwork Human Dignity Consideration Understanding Tolerance
Truthfulness Integrity Honesty Listening Loyalty Following Directions Trustworthiness Modesty in thought word & action Faithfulness Self-possession
Not Giving Up Perseverance Concentration/ Hard Work Stick-To-It Determination Diligence Constancy Tenacity Resilience Goal Setting
Friendship Sharing Giving Gratefulness Generosity/ Poverty Thoughtfulness Availability/ Spirit of Service Self Control & Temperance Selflessness Magnanimity
Trusting Honesty Truthfulness Admitting The Truth Being Yourself Humility/ Willingness To Learn Tact Sticking to Truth Right Intention Upholding & Defending Truth
Self-control Obedience Study/ Follow Directions Diligence Imagination/ Wonder Making Right Choices Knowledge / Search for Truth Prudence Receive & Implement Good Advice Foresight
Smiling Pleasantness Gladness Positive Attitude Light-heartedness Enthusiasm Humor Confidence Hope Cheerfulness
Diligence Concentration Orderlyness Responsibility Diligence/ Love Of Work Reliability/ Dependability Punctuality Justice Citizenship Sanctification Of Work
Courage Effort Daring To Do Good Bravery Self-sufficiency Confidence Dare To Do The Difficult Courage Enterprising Audacity