Character Education


Virtue-based character education

Virtues are good habits, acquired through practice and effort.

A key aspect of Kingswood’s philosophy is helping our students grow in virtue: to be the best persons they can be.  Natural virtues empower an individual to become a more complete person. It is the growth in virtue that leads to the development of competent, responsible, considerate and committed people.

How our Character Education Program works: 

  • Each month there is a school-wide virtue featured in the curriculum
  • Each grade has a pertinent sub-virtue that is level appropriate on which they focus
  • These virtues are then incorporated into the daily curriculum and discussed during homeroom
  • In order to empasize a culture of virtue, we believe that “catching” a student doing a good deed is a positive and attractive way to encourage virtuous behavior. When an adult or a fellow student notices a student living one of the virtues, they can write on a leaf how that person lived the virtue. All the virtue leaves are put on the virtue tree and we watch how the tree and our students grow.
  • At the end of each term, when the report cards are distributed, the virtue leaves accumulated are sent home also.
  • Students in 7th and 8th grade participate in the same virtue recognition program but are recognized electronically by a note from the teacher or staff member indicating the good deed.

Character Education Scope and Sequence

The following table illustrates the principles emphasized in our classes on a yearly basis. It is tailored based on age appropriateness and cognitive development of the child.

  Pre-K K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Politeness Manners Courtesy Greeting Others Friendship/ Forgiveness Teamwork Human Dignity Consideration Understanding Tolerance
Truthfulness Integrity Honesty Listening Loyalty Following Directions Trustworthiness Modesty in thought word & action Faithfulness Self-possession
Not Giving Up Perseverance Concentration/ Hard Work Stick-To-It Determination Diligence Constancy Tenacity Resilience Goal Setting
Friendship Sharing Giving Gratefulness Generosity/ Poverty Thoughtfulness Availability/ Spirit of Service Self Control & Temperance Selflessness Magnanimity
Trusting Honesty Truthfulness Admitting The Truth Being Yourself Humility/ Willingness To Learn Tact Sticking to Truth Right Intention Upholding & Defending Truth
Self-control Obedience Study/ Follow Directions Diligence Imagination/ Wonder Making Right Choices Knowledge / Search for Truth Prudence Receive & Implement Good Advice Foresight
Smiling Pleasantness Gladness Positive Attitude Light-heartedness Enthusiasm Humor Confidence Hope Cheerfulness
Diligence Concentration Orderlyness Responsibility Diligence/ Love Of Work Reliability/ Dependability Punctuality Justice Citizenship Sanctification Of Work
Courage Effort Daring To Do Good Bravery Self-sufficiency Confidence Dare To Do The Difficult Courage Enterprising Audacity