Admissions Procedure

To apply to Kingswood Academy, please complete and submit an application.

For more information, please contact:

(phone) 630.887.1411

Admissions Process

Our admissions process is as follows:

Day Visit: we highly recommend and invite the prospective student to spend part or a full day at Kingswood while school is in session.  The student will attend classes and experience the regularaly scheduled events of a school day.  Parents are encouraged to observe the school in operating mode but need not spend the entire day. 

Application Form:  The "Application for Admission Form" must be completed and returned with a non-refundable application and testing fee of $100.00 per student. 

Placement Test:  These tests are administered either one-on-one or in small groups.  The test date is arranged and the test is administered directly by the Admissions Director.

School Records:  We will give you a "Request for Transfer of Student Records".  The records must be mailed to us directly from the school.  Copies of the following records should be submitted: 

  • Report Cards and Progress Reports for the current and previous academic year
  • Standardized Test Scores

Family Interview / Informational Meeting:  Upon receipt of the completed application and fee, one of our Kingswood parents will contact your family to schedule an informational meeting.  These are held either at school or at a home.  The time and place will be determined at your and the interviewers' mutual convenience.  These get-togethers provide an opportunity to discuss the Academy, its mission and goals, educational philosophies and philanthropic opportunities. 

Letter of Acceptance and Enrollment Contract: Your child will receive personal notification by mail of his or her acceptance to the academy.  Upon acceptance, an Enrollment Contract will be sent to you, which must be signed and returned with a non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.00 per student.  This fee acts to reserve your child's place for the upcoming academic year and will be applied toward your total tuition liability. 

Payment plan options for the remainder of tuition and fees are available on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.  Tuition assistance is available and strictly confidential.  If interested, please request a "Tuition Assistance Form" from the Admissions Office.

Criteria Used in Evaluation for Admission is as follows: 

  • aptitude
  • academic achievement and readiness
  • emotional and social development
  • motivation
  • cooperation from the family in helping the school meet the needs of the student
  • ability of the school to meet the needs of the student

Again, for more information about Kingswood Academy, or the admissions process, please call the Admissions Office at 630.887.1411.